7 Ways To Fight Back Against Floaters

If you have floaters in your vision, you understand how annoying they can be, and how they can affect your ability to see properly. If you are suffering from floaters, there are some things that you can do to help fight back against them without medical intervention.

#1 Relax Your Eyes with Heat

Relaxing your eyes can help you fight back against floaters and can help prevent them from occurring in the first place. When you need to relax, run warm water a wash cloth, ring it out, and place the wash cloth over your eyes. A warm wash cloth will help relax your eyes and reduce stress, which should help prevent floaters.

#2 Massage Your Temples

Another way to reduce the pressure on your eyes is through massaging your temple. Use your hands to massage gentle on the outside of your eyes. Also, massage right next to the inside of your eyes by your nose. Massaging next to both of these locations should reduce pressure on your eyes.

#3 Keep Up Your Water Consumption

Third, you are going to want to make sure that you keep up your water consumption. Eye floaters can occur in your body when you have lots of toxins in your body. Drinking lots of water can help flush your body of toxins, which can help reduce the amount and level of floats in your eyes. One of the best ways to combat floaters is by drinking lots of water.

#4 Wear Sunglasses

Fourth, you should make sure that you protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays. You should make sure that you put on sunglasses when you go outside. This will help reduce your exposure to sunlight and should help make the floaters not as visible when you are outside.

#5 Avoid Alcohol & Coffee

Fifth, you should stay away from alcohol and coffee. Alcohol and coffee both have an adverse effect on your overall eye health. Reducing or eliminating your consumption of alcohol and coffee should help improve the condition of the eye floaters.

#7 Get Lots of Rest

You need to make sure that you get lots of rest as well. Getting enough sleep will help relieve the pressure on your eyes. Your eyes are put through a lot of stress due to all the screen time that they are subjected to each day; getting adequate rest will take away stress on your eyes and allow floaters to settle so that they are not always in your field of vision.

When it comes to getting rid of floaters in your eyes using natural methods, make sure that you get lots of rest, use massage and heat to relax your eyes, increase your water consumption, wear sunglass and stay away from alcohol and coffee. Click here for more info on vision care.